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Greg Jones

Greg Jones

I’m thrilled and humbled you’re reading this and want to tell you all about who Coach Greg Jones is and why I’ve decided that now is the right time to branch out online with my lifestyle coaching to help as many people as I can beyond my brick and mortar gyms in the Northwest.

I’m now here online to help you with your goals as it’s important to me. Why, you ask? First off, I own multiple Gracie Barra Gyms, where I am the strength and conditioning coach for professional and top amateur athletes, and have been for the better part of 10 years. I also work as a personal life coach and help others to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. I’ve been working in this capacity since 2016 and work with people from all over the United States to realize their ultimate health and to perform optimally in businesses and personal life.

I’ve been working with top level athletes from high school and football standouts, to Pro MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters for over 20 years now. I also volunteer for many different charities from the Boys and Girl’s Clubs of King County, as well as Team Child. My point here is, I like to help people in any way, shape or form; I love working with top athletes, but also enjoy helping any individual bring out their inner athlete they possess. I haven’t always been in tip top shape myself, so I’m familiar with the struggle.

During the times from being a teenager to where I’m at now, it has all been a valuable learning process along the way, which has helped me be able to help others in the Gym and in life in implementing the Lifestyle Restructuring for everybody program.

I’ve been an athlete since I was small, competitively competing in swimming as a 6 to 8 year old as my first sport. I dabbled in many sports throughout my formative years, but in high school settled in on Tennis and Football mainly and lettered in both from my sophomore year on. In college, my first two years I not only played tennis and football, but also ran track as well.

As I finished my college career, I was named a National All Star after my senior year and entertained offers to play professionally in both the Canadian and European leagues from 1996-1997. My dream was to play in the NFL, but didn’t quite make that dream come true, so I turned to competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and Bodybuilding ever since. Let me tell you, my athletic career has not been an easy ride, which is why years of struggling from injuries and setbacks have made me a better coach.

There have been times in my life when I have not been disciplined about training and eating, so I get it and know it’s not easy. There have been times where I’ve had different athletic injuries, that would probably make a lot of people just up and quit, and not come back from and compete at a high level. My philosophy on this and what has gotten me back up whenever I’ve been faced with adversity is that I think we should always use these times in our lives as a source of motivation to overcome bad circumstances, remember, whatever it is you’re going through, it too shall pass.

The life you want, the body, and optimal health is not simply about eating right and working out, but it’s the lifestyle that we have to embrace. Embrace this philosophy and I guarantee you, it will change the outlook on your life for the betterment of it.

All of these past circumstances have made me more resilient now. I appreciate what I have and what I can do, rather than what I don’t have or struggle with and cannot do.

In fact, I don’t like the word “CAN’T”, I feel it’s negative connotation, and self-defeating, so let’s not use it anymore. It’s not a word that should be in our vocabulary. I like the words, I’ll try to make something work, and turn what you cannot do into a hell of an effort trying to do.

If you do this, I think you’ll surprise yourself in the process. One of the things I try to always live up to now is I MAKE AND KEEP MY COMMITMENTS TO MYSELF. This can be in coming back stronger from a setback and rehabbing an injury, getting in contest shape for a show, opening another business, or simply to not flake out on any appointments with friends or family. One of the things I want to teach you that I’ve learned is the ability to hold yourself accountable, so when you make a commitment to yourself, you keep it. This “disciplined lifestyle” will carry over to other aspects of your life, and the priorities you set for yourself from now on. I Love changing people’s lives and want to earn that opportunity with you in your journey. In my free, 30-day get ripped challenge trial I want you to take it seriously, as it is truly an absolutely 100% offer from me with no risk to you at all. If you don’t want to continue to use it after your free trial you can just cancel it, but I promise you working out with me every single day following my exact workouts, eating in the same manner I am based on your individual numbers that I will 100% guarantee you the results you seek!

My goal is to reach as many people as possible through online training and help you bring about your ultimate potential and bring out your inner athlete, whatever that looks like for you, as it’s all relative to you and where YOU are at, making YOU the best version you can be through my Lifestyle Restructuring program. I want slow and consistent progress from you as an athlete, and I would rather you lose 20 pounds over a year than in 8 weeks, although I can make 8 weeks happen for you too!

A few of my accomplishments in training and in Athletics are that I’m currently a Certified Natural Trainer (CNT1) 2013, Monkey Bar Gymnasium, CNT Elite Trainer 2015-2016, Monkey Bar Gym under Jon Hinds, Bachelor of Science from Eastern Oregon University, majors in Nutritional Health and Physical Education 2008; Certified Personal Trainer (1995); named to national all-star team in Football; three sport College Athlete. National level NPC Bodybuilder and current Washington State Light Heavy and Overall Bodybuilding Open Champion July 2017.