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Personal Fitness & Health Coach Specialist


Transform your body, your health, and MOST importantly your MINDSET! Achieve the results you’ve always wanted! Body Building Champion & Personal Coach Greg Jones uncovers all aspects of fitness. Most diets & fitness programs fail. Why? Lack of installing life changing habit strategies.

Where motivation fails, habits endure.  Only with healthy eating, strength training, and proper mindset, will you create lifelong habits and achieve your goals. In addition to customized diets & workouts, Coach Jones will help you change your mental attitude towards fitness! 


Physical Culture Radio with Coach Greg Jones and Coach Cris Edmonds! Together they’re fighting the good fight for fitness, strength and healthier lifestyles for everyone from Soccer Moms to Professional Athletes.


When we decide to make changes in our lives, whether it’s related to our health, fitness, or any other aspect, we often feel intimidated by the idea of sacrificing things we enjoy. However, sacrifice is a necessary part of the journey towards achieving greatness. By making sacrifices, we can build momentum and start to see real, tangible results that bring us closer to our goals.

The Power of Sacrifice: Sacrifice is often seen as a negative thing, but it can actually be incredibly empowering. When we sacrifice something we enjoy in order to prioritize our goals, we demonstrate our commitment to our values and desires. This act of self-discipline can give us a sense of pride and purpose, and it can fuel our motivation to keep going.

Build Momentum: One of the most powerful aspects of sacrifice is that it can help us build momentum. When we start making sacrifices, we create a positive feedback loop. We feel good about ourselves for sticking to our plan, which motivates us to continue making progress. This momentum can carry us through the toughest times, and it can help us achieve things we never thought possible.

Small Joys: As we build momentum, something interesting happens: the sacrifices we once feared start to become small joys in themselves. For example, if you used to hate waking up early to exercise, you may start to look forward to that time as a chance to clear your mind and start the day on the right foot. When we start to see the benefits of our sacrifices, they stop feeling like burdens and start feeling like gifts.

Tangible Results: Finally, the ultimate reward of making sacrifices is the real, tangible results we start to see. Maybe you start to feel stronger or notice that your clothes fit better. Perhaps you have more energy throughout the day, or you start to feel more confident and self-assured. These results are not just physical but also emotional and psychological, and they can have a profound impact on our overall well-being.


Greg Jones, an International Master Bodybuilding Champion, is the personification of physical strength emboldened by an even bigger heart. “Helping others achieve their wildest dreams is my passion”. Beyond being just qualified, Greg’s love to see others succeed is the driving force not just in his life, but it is the driving force behind his entire gyms platform.

In spite of his personal workouts being defined as ferocious and his passion for competing and winning relentless, he knows how to meet every individual where they are currently and implement step by step strategies to make solid gains. 

“I have one mission, one focus, and that is the success of my clients.  What are you waiting for?  Let the journey begin!”
 Greg Jones, Founder, Personal Trainer, & Life Coach